Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Gift For You

Hi everybody!

Sorry that I've been an absentee author, but this summer has been HECTIC! I've mostly been working on setting up my publishing company, ICG Books. I'm happy to report that we are soooo close to finally having something for you all to hold in your hands and read! I've also taken the opportunity to make some changes to Death and the Campus , and I believe it's a stronger book for the delay.

In my free time (what there has been of it) I've managed to finish a first draft of the second novel in the Jason Horde series, so if you enjoy this first one, there are many more adventures to come! I thank you all for your patience, and hope to reward you with a new excerpt soon!

I also have a little gift for all of those who participated in my contest. Go ahead and take this graphic and post it on your blog if you want, and if you really want you can link it back to my blog, but the choice is completely yours.


J.G. Sexton

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  1. Randomly figured I'd check in and see how your writing was coming.

    Hope all is going well. :)