Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excerpt Anyone?

Just so you all didn't think you were 'following' for no reason, here's a tid bit of the first Jason Horde Mystery, Death and the Campus:

I soaked in the scene like my clothes were soaking up the rain. Behind me, I could hear several of the police officers cavalierly banter about the upcoming Founders' Day celebration. They thought it was a real shame that someone would off themselves four days before the big festivities and that whatever had been wrong with him surely could have been fixed by funnel cakes and Ferris wheels.
I shook my head and circled the other side of the statue, sinking to my haunches to get a better view. In defiance of the weather, I screwed the filter of another cigarette into my mouth and tried to light the damp cigarette with the damp lighter. it flicker once, then twice, then burst into the fullness of it's glow. I inhaled deeply as I watched Kendall chuckle with his other officers like frat boy at a party. He looked over his shoulder, then shouted, "Better look fast! The forensic guys are here."
I stood up and looked at him under the dead man. "You might as well send them home. They're not going to find anything."
Kendall gave a hearty guffaw. "These guys always find something. Science is the way to go now not those old fashioned gumshoe tactics you cling to." he smiled a wicked smile and leaned toward me, "And that's why you got kicked out of the academy." Had it not been for the weather and the somber scene, I'm not sure his followers would not have joined in a rousing "Oooh" at the taunt.
This time his words meant nothing to me, but it was my turn to get under his skin a little. "I got run out of the academy, Lieutenant, because I used my brain. You know, that thing that rattles around between your ears? I followed hunches and used intuition and that pissed you off. You guys are all too lazy these days, letting those scientists do your job for you and following procedure by the book, which just gets you in trouble. For example did any of you geniuses stop and wonder if using those umbrellas you're all holding to protect this body from the elements would have been a better use of your time than following the book and securing the perimeter with a conga line?"
"I didn't think so. And that's why your forensic guys have wasted a trip. Everything's been washed away." I watched Larry spit in disgust. He knew I was right, and I knew it was killing him. I couldn't help myself and turned the dagger a little more. "Now, let's try to be useful, shall we? Tell me who this guy is."

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J.G. Sexton